Meisser Economics AG is a Swiss corporation domiziled in the Canton of Zurich. It was founded in 2016 with the purposes of research, education and consulting at the intersection of economics and computer science. At the moment, Luzius Meisser is its sole employee. You can get in touch by writing to luzius@meissereconomics.com.

I hold a master's degree in Computer Science from ETH Zurich and a master's degree in Economics from University of Zurich. I have previously founded a cloud storage startup, have been involved in the Swiss startup scene, and am a founding board member of the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. Furthermore, I am a PhD student at the Institute for Banking and Finance, University of Zurich.

Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy inspired me with the vision of building large scale economic simulations early on in my life. This long-term project aims at pursuing this vision. I strongly believe that coming from computer science, there are many low-hanging fruits to be picked in economics -- similar to the progress that has been made by mathematicians and physicists entering the field earlier. In particular, methods and tools from modern software engineering are well-suited to manage the organizational and technical complexity of building large-scale models.

“In using systems of adaptive agents to create a ’guess’, we are counting on the tendencies of these systems of adaptive agents, as plodding as they are, eventually to find their ways to equilibria that we economists (who, after all, made up the model!) have difficulty finding.”
Thomas Sargent in 'Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics'