August 09, 2016

Publication in Computational Economics

The paper “An Agent-Based Simulation of the Stolper-Samuelson effect” got accepted for publication in Computational Economics. Originally, this was a term paper Friedrich Kreuser and I wrote for the course Computational Economics and Finance by Karl Schmedders in spring 2014, and that I presented at CEF 2015.

The paper is about replicating a well-known phenomenon from classic economic theory, namely the Stolper-Samuelson effect, in an agent-based simulation. We succeeded at doing so with high accuracy thanks to the adoption of a few new algorithmic ideas. Interestingly, the agent-based simulation is much faster at finding the correct result than Mathematica or Matlab can solve the corresponding equation system from the classic theory.

“In using systems of adaptive agents to create a ’guess’, we are counting on the tendencies of these systems of adaptive agents, as plodding as they are, eventually to find their ways to equilibria that we economists (who, after all, made up the model!) have difficulty finding.”
Thomas Sargent in 'Bounded Rationality in Macroeconomics'